Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Not-Soft 20 Years2019Not-Soft DenisGrachev Novosibirsk26 gift
Out of scene?2018 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk35 demo
invader (256b intro)2018 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk3rd on DiHalt ' 201825 demo
mcfun (256b intro)2018 DenisGrachev NovosibirskMultimatograf ' 201852 demo
Utkagoba2018 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk24 demo
Gobelen2018 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk26 demo
Goba Fuck2018 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk43 demo
512tits2017 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk51 demo
wbr Gift2017wbr DenisGrachev Novosibirsk116 gift
Relaxed Demo2016 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk1st on CSP ' 2016178 demo
Titusovka2016 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk115 demo
Sector2016 AAA [?] / DenisGrachev / Voxel Russia163 demo
Fuck to devAAAchka2016 DenisGrachev / AER Novosibirsk146 demo
Fuck Alex Rider2016 AAA [?] / DenisGrachev / Quiet Europe160 demo
OnFire2016 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk3rd on Multimatograf ' 2016154 demo
CSP 20162016 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk194 demo
Voices2015 DenisGrachev NovosibirskCC ' 2015594 demo
Respect Minidemo2015 DenisGrachev NovosibirskCC ' 2015529 demo
CS Blockbuster2015 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk2nd on CSP ' 2015528 demo
CSP 20152015 DenisGrachev Novosibirsk606 demo
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