Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Fargo Wells final cut1988 Topo Soft Spain11 demo
stringBug 2011 Marcos Cruz Spain19 demo
Harbinger 2: The Void Intro 2018 APSIS Spain21 demo
Game Over AZXUNO association Spain29 demo
Ice Breaker Game Demo1990 Topo Soft Spain20 demo
Mad Mix 2 Game Demo1990 Topo Soft Spain19 demo
Michel Futbol Master Game Demo 1989 Dinamic Software Spain35 demo
EMS - Christmas Card Demo20162017 EquinoxeZX Spain82 gift
The Simpsons Day2017 DRL1974 / AsteroideZX Spain35 demo
Mazinger ZX2017 DRL1974 / AsteroideZX Spain39 demo
Alien Demo 12017 DRL1974 / AsteroideZX Spain29 demo
DIZZY cumple 302017Dizzy DRL1974 / AsteroideZX Spain88 gift
Toi Acid Game Demo 1989 Iber Software Spain998 demo
8-Bit Bach 128k2013 Ignacio Prini Garcia Spain963 demo
II Microcompo ZX-1 Bit (musicdisk) 2013 Cultura Chip Spain984 demo
Winston En Concreto 2013 Chud011 Spain828 demo
Walk 2013 SkyCstls Spain903 demo
Savage's Steel 2013 Rolemusic Spain825 demo
No Sand In My Eyes With A Burka2013 Morgothic Spain869 demo
Lone Bit Rider, The 2013 PaK-Zer0 Spain852 demo
Glitch Beach 2013 Love Through Cannibalism Spain874 demo
Feeding The Zombie 2013 Morgothic Spain814 demo
Bip Bip Bip2013 MsxKun Spain793 demo
Dhuo - Rome by Night1984 Ideal Software Spain577 demo
Gregorian 2010 thEpOpE / Nocturns Spain721 demo
Biniax 2 Music Sampler2009 The Mojon Twins [?] Spain672 demo
Agenda Electronica 1987 Roberto Quiros / MicroHobby Spain740 demo
Espirales 1985 Alejandro Culvez / Marcos / MicroHobby Spain755 demo
Marcha Turca 1987 Jose Luis Valiente Hernandez / MicroHobby Spain722 demo
K7 Humor 1985 Xavi Marti Puchecha Spain749 demo
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